Wedding Color and Décor Trends 2019

Wedding Color and Décor Trends 2019

According to recent surveys conducted by and, in 2019 couples are getting more personal with their wedding décor. One emerging trend is to depart from convention and use more bold color pallets, such as rustic warm oranges, canary yellows, and dramatic blacks. Some of these new colors are being used in floral arrangements, table placemats, and linens. Though traditional soft colors are still “in,” they appeal more to minimalist wedding styles. 

Hence, it’s no surprise that 2019 Pantone Wedding colors follow on the heels of this new trend. But it doesn’t stop there, with the creative use of lighting some of these new colors can make a “blah” room speak volumes in setting the mood. Some of Pantone’s palettes can be easily replicated with up-lighting, along with drapes and even lounge furniture. 

Now comes the big question: which color pallet best suits your combined style? Will you say “I do” to “Love in Bloom,” ”Stroke of Midnight,” “Golden Hour,” or ”Paradise Found”?

— Frankie Gravato – DJ


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