TV Displays are one of our most popular additions for your wedding reception. Present a photo montage, candid pics from your event, photo booth pics, even display pics your guests are taking with their phones, real time.

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Photo Montage

Relive the past and present on your wedding day with a photo montage. We will produce and set music to your montage and present them on our video displays during your reception. Include pics of family and friends and go back in time with pics from your childhood, and your growing up years.
As an alternative to the traditional montage you can simply have old school pics scrolling on the screens throughout dinner without asking for the attention of your guests for a full 10 minutes.

Candid Pictures

Our candid photographer will capture great action candid shots thoughout your event and we present them on our TV displays all evening. All these pics will then be available for download on our website a few days after your wedding.

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Well, Elite Sound Entertainment offers so much fun stuff for you to customize perfectly for your New Jersey event. Inspire yourself to be different and ‘wow’ your guests! Give us a call at 201-843-8003

DJ Entertainment

Featuring an unmatched DJ Roster, our goal is to execute your vision by reflecting your style and personality. From classy introductions to your romantic last dance, your hand-selected music is certain to create everlasting memories for you and your special guests.


Elite Sound Entertainment provides custom lighting design for each couple, adding personal flair to their special evening. The Elite Sound production staff is on site at each event to enhance the decor of your venue for the entire celebration. These are the lights of your night!

Photo Booth

The ESE Photo Lounge takes the fun of a traditional photo booth and creates an amazing experience. Your event will have an adjustable-size, adjustable configuration photo booth for those BIG GROUP pictures, that uses new DSLR Camera technology for crystal clear pictures.


TV Displays are one of our most popular additions for your wedding reception. Present a photo montage, candid pics from your event, photo booth pics, even display pics your guests are taking with their phones, real time. Video displays are available in 50″ & 65″ depending on the size of your room.


The newest trend in weddings today is Indoor Sparklers. Create an amazing entrance to the room when our sparklers blast off. Amazing photo and videos! No safety or exclusion zones necessary as our sparklers produce cold fallout that is perfectly safe!

Custom DJ Booths

Awesome, eye popping DJ Booths, customized with your names, logo, monogram, event date or anything else you desire! Additional options allow video displays like a montage or animated logos!

Flower Walls

Our beautiful flower wall makes for an amazing backdrop for your photo booth or head table!

Live Musicians

Add the live effect of a musician to your wedding ceremony, cocktail, and/or reception. Various musicians are available including: Percussion, Piano/Keyboard, Violin, Sax, Classical & acoustic guitar, Bagpiper, Harp, String Trio/Quartet, Jazz Trio/Quartet, Steel Drum.

Mirror Booth

The Mirror DJ Booth brings a WOW factor to your event! A complete interactive photo experience!

Custom Monogram

A custom monogram gobo can be that little flair of personalization that big empty dance floor needs, well, for the short amount of time that it’s empty.

Dancing on Clouds

Transform your dance, your pictures, and your video of the biggest night of your life by turning it into a magical experience! Enhance your first dance, or other NJ special event with a low-lying cloud field!

L.O.V.E. Marquee

Awesome and timeless look to your wedding day! 3 foot marquee can be placed in front of your head table, DJ booth, or anywhere you like!

Event Capture

Our candid photographers capture action zap shot throughout your event. Our videographers capture and create quick highlight reels of your event.

LED Robot

The newest “Wow factor” is the LED Robot. This giant LED robot stands 10 feet tall is the most innovative walkabout entertainment for weddings today. The party will certainly crank up a few notches when our LED friend comes to party!

Custom Audio

Custom night club style bride/groom introductions for grand entrance. Record a message to mom & dad that we will mix into your parent dance song.

Step & Repeat

A trendy addition to weddings these days is a Step & Repeat. As your guests walk into your venue for cocktail hour they will approach our red carpet and velvet ropes. Here, our photographer will be waiting for them to take a picture in front of your customized backdrop. All pictures will be printed in a 4×6 and your guests will be able to pick them up later in the evening.

Couples Interview

Tell your story to all your guests! We’ll interview you both a few months before the wedding and produce a story for you to showcase on your wedding day!

La Hora Loca

La Hora Loca — Spanish for “The Crazy Hour” — an hour-long show where performers wear flashy outfits, resembling those from Brazil’s carnival, and pass around glowing lights, party hats and masks to encourage guests to dance.

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