Requesting songs for your wedding day

Requesting songs for your wedding day


Elite Sound Entertainment provides you with your personal online wedding planner which includes a music request section. It allows you to enter songs you can request and dedicate. You can also enter song titles in the “do not play” section. We do limit the requests to 20 songs and for good reason. 20 songs is a lot of songs to request for your 4 hour reception. The more songs you request the less your DJ is able to read your crowd and play to the crowd. If he was to read off a list of 50 songs all night you are basically handcuffing him and forcing your guests to dance to the songs on your specific list. Not good! One of your DJ’s biggest talents is the ability to ‘read a room’ and play music specifically for them. After all, you want everyone enjoying the music all night right? We so do we! 

20 requests definitely allows you to make sure your favorite songs will be played. You can even include a few of mom and dad’s favorite songs in the list of 20. Please note, you do NOT need to list 20 songs. Plenty of times our clients will request 2-3 songs and tell us “just do your thing and make sure our guests all love the music”. This is fine as well! Please do not think you have to come up with 20 songs to fill up your request list. 

Do NOT include formality songs in your music request sheet. This includes songs for your ceremony, cocktail, as well as your first dance, song parent dances or cake cutting songs. These songs are to be entered in your wedding planner section not your music request section. The music request form is only for the dance sets of your reception. 

If you have specific artists or genres for cocktail hour or dinner, you can enter that in your wedding planner. 

Your specific DJ is always available to talk music during your planning process! 

Happy wedding planning!


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