Requesting Music for your wedding day

Requesting Music for your wedding day

What is the one thing a bride and a groom should not say on their wedding day related to the music? “I hate this song.” Cue in the conversation on why the music request section of your DJ Event Planner is so important.

Now, you’re obviously hiring a professional wedding DJ company because, well because you want us to DJ your wedding and do an amazing job. I’m here to tell you that EVERY wedding is different. Don’t get me wrong, there is going to be similar songs played at each wedding sometimes but that all depends on our judgment of the crowd and your preference. With in a 4-hour reception there is A LOT of different music that can be played as far as artists, genres, and decades…you name it. Something established at our first meeting is always going to be your musical preference and vision for your wedding. No matter what that may be the overall goal stays the same and that is a packed dance floor!

I’m sure that most of our brides and grooms don’t have over 10 to 20 years experience when it comes to DJing but I’m sure they all love music. When it comes to requests we want to make it as easy as possible for you guys so it doesn’t look like we can just put a 4 hour play list together of all the songs you gave us and call it a night. We will capture the base to what music you guys like and then generate your playlist as the night goes. We break down our music request section into 4 sections:

1. Must Play – (Most important section on the planner) the songs, artists, or genres listed in this section will be played at your wedding sometime through out the night NO MATTER WHAT. These are the songs that you just need to hear at your wedding. We make sure you guys are in the room when they are played and if there is anything specific about these songs we can go over it at our final appointment.

2. Play If Possible – They are songs you like but don’t NEED to hear if the opportunity doesn’t allow it.

3. Dedication – these songs you can dedicate to specific people or groups. Sometimes brides and groom dedicate a slow song to their grandparents or a party song to their sorority from college. This part is up to you if you want to include it.

4. Do Not Play – (Second most important section on the planner) tying back into the first sentence of this blog, a song, artist, or genre of music that you guys don’t like should NEVER be played at your wedding. This part of the planner is made so that doesn’t happen.

We try to make the entertainment portion of the planning as easy and FUN as possible. If you like or dislike any artist or genre of music, we’re not going to ask you to put 10 songs from that genre but just the genre.

Lastly, we are DJ’s. Don’t worry, we got you. Don’t stress out too much of what songs you added because it’s our job to read the crowd and make the night unforgettable. This is why we have a limit on the request section so you don’t over think what you hired us to do. Ware here to help, always. If you haven’t done so already give us a call so we can start customizing your playlist for the most important night of your life.

DJ Cory Fandel


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