Raul Chiriboga

DJ Since: 1990

DJ exclusively with Elite Sound since: 2016

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Born in New York and raised in Guayaquil – Ecuador, Raul Chiriboga discovered his passion for music, dance, and entertaining people at a very young age. He started his career as a DJ in Guayaquil, Ecuador, performing at his first private event when he was just 13 years old. Fast forward 20 + years later, Raul.C has hosted over 1500 events from Corporate Events, Weddings, Teen Events and Product launches.

Amidst his contemporaries, what makes  DJ Raul.C stand out as a bilingual DJ and MC is his sheer interest in his music collection and allowing his audience to have the best experience.

For Raul, there is nothing more satisfying than watching his crowd get up from their tables to dance and to witness the expressions of joy when they hear the music they love.

DJ Raul.C looks forward to meeting and planning an entertaining and memorable event with you in the near future.

DJ Raul Chiriboga Blog Posts

  • Wedding traditions of Latin America
    Wedding traditions of Latin America

    Wedding traditions of Latin America Like most weddings in other parts of the world, Latino weddings are happy, family-filled times literally stuffed with traditions, some dating back thousands of years. From something as important as what the bride wears on her wedding day down to the most trivial detail, a Latino wedding oozes Tradition and is filled with reminders that, as humans, we have been going through these rituals for eons and will continue to do so far into the future. Below, in no particular order, are some of the more interesting traditions from some of the wonderful countries of Latin America and Spain. In Spain one of the oldest traditions known is that the bride wears a black dress.  This symbolizes her devotion to her husband-to-be until death. Before the Spanish wedding the groom sometimes will give his bride-to-be thirteen gold coins (known as ‘arras’) that symbolize Jesus Christ and his 12 disciples. The coins are blessed by the priest and passed through the hands of the newlyweds several times, ending up with the bride. She then carries them in a small bag during the ceremony as a sign that the groom has pledged his support to take care of her all of her life. At the wedding reception in Ecuador the bride and groom give their parents special presents which are usually objects that they had or used when they were children. During a Colombian wedding ceremony both the bride and the groom each light one candle. They together then light a third before putting out the first two. This signifies the end of their former, separate lives and the start of their new life together. In Bolivia and Ecuador, “compadres” or “compadrazgo” (companions) are chosen either at birth or marriage....

  • Who is in charge?
    Who is in charge?

    Who is in charge during the wedding reception? This is a good question I get from time to time from my clients during the initial consultation...

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