DJ Since: 1997

DJ exclusively with Elite Sound since: 2021

It’s not uncommon for a child to pick up a new hobby – a sport, an
instrument, etc. – only to lose interest next week. Not so for DJ NEB,
whose name is an acronym for Never Ending Beats. DJ NEB (real
name David Vergel) has more than 25 years of experience shaking
dance floors in New York City; his native New Jersey; Fort
Lauderdale, and Miami, Florida; and abroad in Barcelona, Spain; and
Barranquilla, Colombia. He first set his eyes on two turntables and a
mixer at the age of 13, and hasn’t stopped spinning ever since he put
his first needle on a record.

At the age of 15, NEB was given his first chance to spin live at a Sweet
16, and the pivotal moment marked the beginning of his DJ career.
Private parties eventually led to his first taste of djing in a nightclub, at
the early age of 17. It was a different type of challenge that he worked
on tirelessly, to become a mainstay in the hottest nightclubs in New
Jersey, New York City, Miami, and beyond. All the while continuing to
DJ and MC private events, from corporate parties, to lavish weddings.

For DJ NEB, it’s a lifelong addiction: providing clever, creative sets to
eclectic crowds, dancers, and music enthusiasts alike. NEB reads the
crowd like absolutely no one else. He treats club-goers to well
thought-out open format sets ranging from house, dance, top 40,
Reggae, Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, Latin, and classics of all genres. All the
while incorporating his own blends, mash-ups, remixes into the mix.

For NEB, djing is a lifelong passion, and he’s not stopping
anytime soon!

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