Lighting Decor

Automated Lighting

“I even had someone who worked at the venue tell me specifically they have not seen the room look that great in a REALLY LONG TIME! The techs who set up the lights were very nice as well!”
Alicia & Michael 6/6/15, Ocean Place Resort

The best friend to the dance floor, lights to party the night away! Automated lighting can be used to highlight the bride and groom on the dance floor during their spotlight dance, as well as setting the tone of the party by adding lighting to the venue and dance floor.

Elite Sound Entertainment provides custom lighting design for each bride and groom, adding personal flair to their special evening. The Elite Sound production staff is on site at each event to enhance the decor of your venue for the entire celebration. These are the lights of your night!

Up Lighting

“The up lighting they set up made the room look magnificent as well, which makes the difference in the world when your guests walk in.”
Melissa & Greg 6/27/15, Maritime Parc

Your guests will be sucked in by the atmosphere. Your professional pictures will have color & depth.

“Natural Colors” such as Red and Amber/Gold will add warmth to your venue, complimenting natural light. These tones are very popular for the perfect look to complete an autumn-seasoned event. “Unnatural Colors” such as Fuchsia, Blue, and Teal will add a new color to your event. It will be more predominant in pictures, and if desired usually can replace the venue’s natural warm color.

Custom Monogram Gobo

“Love love LOVED how the monogram looked on the wall throughout the reception!”
Jessica & Jerry 3/29/14, The Grove

A custom monogram gobo can be that little flair of personalization that big empty dance floor needs, well, for the short amount of time that it’s empty.

Dancing On The Clouds

Transform your dance, your pictures, and your video of the biggest night of your life by turning it into a magical experience! Enhance your first dance, or other special event with a low-lying cloud field!

“From the professionalism to the ambiance, everything was a 10. I wish I could do the whole night over, because my wife and I had such a good time!
Kelly & Alan7/3/15, Woodcliff Manor

Custom Monogram Gobo

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