Let’s Talk Price

Let’s Talk Price

How much do you charge for your services? I think it’s safe to say that is one of the first, and most common questions some clients ask.  We totally understand people have a budget with a set price in mind, but asking such a vague question right off the bat seems bizarre to me.  That’s like walking into a car dealership and asking “how much are your cars?”  Or, walking into a steakhouse and asking “what’s the price of your steaks?”  Products and services come in so many different varieties, and qualities that it’s important to understand the same applies for entertainment at your wedding.  Just as a BMW will not be the same price as KIA, a great DJ will not be the same price as an inexperienced less expensive DJ.  A great DJ isn’t cheap, and a cheap DJ isn’t great.  Everyone has their own interpretation of what may be cheap and what may be expensive, but without learning and comparing its very difficult to make that decision.  As one of the DJ’s for Elite Sound Entertainment, my hope is that this article shows you how important it is to compare price with quality.  Only you can determine your budget, but always consider that price is an indication of value.

Here is a list of a few qualities that a professional, educated, and talented DJ company, like Elite Sound Entertainment will display:

  • Customer Service and Communication – This includes responding to emails, calls, text messages in a timely manor.  Going above and beyond for the clients needs and ideas.  Having your DJ give suggestions on music and formalities that best fit your style. Having an office manager who handles behind the scenes service, and who communicates with your venue. Elite Sound Entertainment does all of this.
  • The “Talent” – Your DJ – Quick little story….Last holiday a friend of mine bought himself a laptop, a DJ’ing program, and some used speakers and equipment.  Not thinking much of it, I started noticing him promoting himself and his “company” on Facebook and other social media sites.  Shortly after I found out that he has been actually booking himself quite a few party’s.  With that said, this is not the type of job that you can become great at in a short period of time.  It’s like waking up one day and calling yourself a 5 star chef with barely any cooking knowledge.  Or, starting your own contracting company when you barely know how to install a lightbulb or use a hammer.  Ask questions and do your research to make sure your DJ is talented, educated in music, creative, energetic, and passionate about his job.  Moral of the story; Dj’ing is not a skill or talent that anyone can learn in a short period of time.
  • Reviews – Price and reviews are an indication of value and quality. Read reviews and use the internet to research entertainment companies.  Many companies boast about having all 5 star reviews.  Thats great, but how many 5 star reviews do they have? Experience is key in this industry.  Elite Sound Entertainment has over 1,000 5 star reviews and that proves quality and talent over a long period of time.  Reading reviews is also a great way to learn about your specific DJ!
  • Make sure the DJ you meet with is the DJ on your wedding day – Be aware of the bait and switch!!  If you are meeting with a company who is trying to book you, without telling you who your DJ is, get up and run as fast as you can. With Elite Sound Entertainment, you meet with your specific DJ from day 1 and work thoroughly with him throughout your entire process.
  • Planning – Does your DJ have an online event planner for you to use? Elite Sound Entertainment’s online event planner is custom to your wedding and allows you to store all of your music and formalities for your wedding.
  • Production –  Ask about production and the quality of the equipment.  Elite Sound Entertainment’s specific production team makes sure that you are getting what you paid for.  Quality equipment along with experienced technicians will make sure that the production that you book will exceed your expectations.
  • Meeting location – Does your DJ company have an actual office and demo room for you to experience? Meeting at a Starbucks or a Dunkin Donuts once again shows less credibility.  Elite Sound Entertainment has 2 convienient offices located in Saddle Brook (North Jersey) and Manalapan (Central/South Jersey).

If you or someone you know is searching for a DJ for there wedding or special event.  Make sure to use this guideline to differentiate the great DJ’s from the the companies who might be cheaper in qualities and value.  Contact Elite Sound Entertainment today to meet one of our talented DJ’s at info@elitesoundentertainment.com or (201)843-8003.

I hope you found this article helpful, and remember “Price is a reflection of Value”.

Joe P



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