The Importance of Volume Control

The Importance of Volume Control

The Importance of Volume Control

When meeting with newly engaged couples I always take a few minutes to discuss the “behind the scenes” tasks that go unseen during a wedding. As I have mentioned in the past, its not about just showing up and pressing play the day of your wedding or event. Going the extra mile has always been our goal. Managing our volume levels of the music and microphone has, and always will be something we constantly monitor throughout the event. Volume control is one of those things that guest will notice ONLY if its obnoxiously loud.

Lets start from the beginning of the event – Before guests even step foot in the ballroom we complete a full sound check to make sure our levels are perfect, and to make sure there is no feedback with our microphones. Every venue is different so it’s important to test levels and make sure its a perfect fit for the room. Once guest arrive and we are ready to start intros we make sure that our music volume is loud, but not over powering for introductions. Its important that all guest can hear us clearly over the music. During dinner we keep the volume at a level that will allow your guest the ability to have a conversation and speak to each other. We understand that you payed a pretty penny for food and drinks also, and many of your guest will find enjoyment in being able to speak instead of scream to each other. There is nothing worse then a DJ who blasts music during dinner! Lastly, finding the right volume during dance sets. We want guest to be able to dance, jump, and sing along and still keep their hearing once the event is over.

Volume control is yet another aspect of a wedding that we here at Elite Sound Entertainment take very seriously. It usually goes unnotticed and many guest won’t notice it unless its too loud or distorted. Clear and under control is our goal with volume control!

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