Garter & Bouquet: A Thing of the Past?

Garter & Bouquet: A Thing of the Past?

Garter & Bouquet: A Thing of the Past?

Recently I’ve had a lot of questions regarding the tradition of the garter toss and whether or not “other people” are still practicing this at their receptions. The topic interested me and I thought I’d share a little bit here.

First a history lesson..

When it comes to wedding traditions they are generally themed around good fortune or luck, and the garter toss is no different. Apparently in old times it was tradition to have family and friends come into the room with the couple and the garter would then be obtained as proof of the consummation. (Glad I was born in this century). The superstition carried so much weight that people would be diving over each other during the wedding in efforts to grab or touch any piece of the newlyweds clothing.

Fast forward to present times, our weddings are now civilized and are more about a celebration of love, rather than a fear of never finding it. With that being said the modern wedding is typically only a four-­‐hour party! That’s only four hours of actual celebration usually cram packed with dinner, pictures, formalities, and many “Hello’s” to family and friends.

Moral of the story is… time goes quick!

One of the most common statements when I speak to my clients at the end is “Everything was amazing but it just went so quick”.

So I tell people that at the end of the day your wedding is exactly that, your wedding. If you’ve been dreaming of throwing the bouquet since you were a little girl then go right ahead and toss those flowers Mrs. Bride because you deserve whatever is going to make you happy! But if you value every extra minute you can get shaking that booty out on the dance floor with your guests then I’d say let’s hold off on the extra formalities and enjoy the wonderful moment.

DJ Steve Minichini


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