Do I tip my DJ?

Do I tip my DJ?

Now this is a very popular question we get very often. Many of your vendors make tipping mandatory in your contracts, but we do not. Tipping is never a requirement but is a great way to show your gratitude if your DJ “rocked your dance floor“. states tipping your DJ is ‘optional but preferred’, and we agree. The average DJ tip is $50 – $200. A common honest mistake is tipping your DJ but not the rest of the crew. Rarely will the staff consist of just 1 person. Depending on your package, your crew can be up to 6 hard working members. This includes your MC (average tip – $50 – $150), photo booth tech ($25 – $100), lighting tech ($25 – $100), etc and they all play a big part in the success of your wedding reception. 

We suggest designating your best man or a parent in charge of tipping everyone. Determine your tips and put together envelopes a few days before. 



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