Who is in charge?

Who is in charge?

Who is in charge during the wedding reception?

This is a good question I get from time to time from my clients during the initial consultation appointment. My answer is plain and simple…I am, not that I want to sound arrogant, but I am(with the Bride and Groom’s blessings). Then I take a few minutes to explain that the MC/DJ is always in charge to coordinate during the wedding reception with all the vendors interacting during the event, let it be catering hall, photographers and videographers or any other vendor hired for the event. Most wedding receptions are four hours long and as long as it sounds, there is not really a lot of time, therefore the event should flow without gaps to make sure everyone is having fun, especially the bride and groom!

It is the MC’s job to know when the events are suppose to take place, like cake cutting, bouquet tosses and or surprises. In more than one occasion I’ve been in the situation where there is an special surprise for the Bride and Groom, since I’m always reached to introduce the person who will be talking on the mic for the surprise I make sure the Photographer and Videographer are always there to capture that special moment. It takes experience and attention to detail to know all the little things about wedding receptions. Thankfully technology makes it easy to find out about potential vendors you are looking to deal with, check websites like The Knot where you will be able to read about what past clients have to say about the vendors you want to engage.

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