Remember – Music Comes First!

Remember – Music Comes First!

Nowadays DJ companies offer a plethora of options in their packages. Lighting, photo booths, TV’s, pretty furniture style DJ setups, sparklers, and more. They’ll meet with you for 1 hour and talk all about the fancy stuff like how many lights you can have, and how cool they can make their DJ booth look. The one thing they forget to talk about is the most important part of your wedding – THE MUSIC!

You hire a DJ to play music at your event. Problem lately is many DJ’s are more concerned with how they look and not concerned about the music. Your DJ can look great, have an amazing light show, but all that doesn’t mean a thing if the music isn’t good! Many times with other companies, you don’t even meet your DJ before your wedding day! How is that possible?!

Don’t get me wrong. We believe in amazing setups, lighting, visuals, fun photo booths and so much more. We offer it all. However, we are a DJ company first. We understand the music is the most important ingredient to anything we offer. Our DJ’s play the best variety of music for all your guests, mixed flawlessly to keep your dance floor packed all night long. When the music is done right, it makes the lighting, dj booth setup, and everything else so much better! 

When searching for your DJ, don’t get caught up with all the extras. Although they can definitely enhance your wedding, remember, its still all about the music!


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