5 New & Beautiful Songs for your First Dance

5 New & Beautiful Songs for your First Dance

So your trying to pick from the songs for your first dance, and you don’t want that song that your pretty sure your Aunt danced to at her wedding twenty-something years ago. Can’t blame you. I have done a LOT of weddings with Elite Sound Entertainment Wedding DJ Company, and some of my couples have found some REALLY beautiful songs for first dance. Some are acoustic covers of songs some wouldn’t think of for a first dance, so it’ll be pretty original.

Oasis – Wonderwall (Austin Cover)

First of all, it’s not me singing (thank god!) I found a beautiful cover of Wonderwall by Oasis. The song has some theories of a deeper meaning, but it’s a great song for that someone who has stood by your side through a lot.

N’SYNC – God Must Have Spent (Boyce Avenue acoustic cover)

This is also a song that some people have used (the original) for a Groom & Mother Dance, but I really like this version and it sound quite fitting for praising the beautiful woman in a white.

Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

This is actually the only song here that isn’t an acoustic cover, but it’s amazing. It’s from Twilight: Breaking Dawn, but has nothing to do with vampires (PROMISE!) This is becoming more and more of a popular song for the special dance.

Number TWO
I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz (Alex G Acoustic ft. Tyler Ward)

Jason Mraz wrote a good one here. His original version has been played a couple of times (even being a little on the long side.) I feel as though this just knocks the ball out of the park!

Adele – Love Song (Acoustic Cover from 311/The Cure)

This is my winner on the list by far….. I’ve had a few couples come to me and say they wanted 311’s version, but made a comment they wish is was a little more “first-dancey.” Leave it to Adele to make a beautiful cover, and with her raspy voice, it really hits home.