The Photo Montage for your wedding day – You have options!

The Photo Montage for your wedding day – You have options!

The photo montage has long been a very popular option for your wedding day. What better time to showcase you and your spouses life story in pictures than on your wedding day, along with all your family and friends in attendance? Well today it is still just as popular than it was 20 years ago. The only difference, Elite Sound Entertainment offers options nowadays!

 Option 1 – The Traditional Montage

Traditionally you showcase your photo montage during main course, while you have everyone in their seats. Elite Sound Entertainment will produce the 5-10 minute montage weeks in advance with different segments and different songs for each segment. This is more of a “story telling” style montage. Although still quite popular, some of our bride & grooms
don’t want their guests to have to stop what they are doing and watch an entire story telling montage. Also you are limited to the amount of pics you can present as you don’t want this montage to become too long.

Have your “story telling’ montage
Custom songs for each segment
No more than 70-80 pics as you don’t want this to be too long
We make an announcement, interrupting the flow of your main course


Option 2 – Randomly display your pictures throughout dinner

IMG_2767This option is becoming more and more popular. Instead of sitting everyone down, and forcing them to watch a 5-10 minute story, Elite Sound Entertainment can randomly play all your old school pics throughout dinner while your dinner music is being played. Now, your guests can glance at the TV’s anytime during your 30 minute dinner down time. In this option, you can provide us with AS MANY pics as you like, as we’ll have all dinner to showcase them on our plasma displays. Another advantage is these pics will show up on the plasmas numerous times during main course, not just once.

You can give us unlimited pics to showcase
Guests don’t have to stop what they are doing
The flow of main course is not interupted
Each pic is shown numerous times during dinner, not once
No custom music to each segment.
You aren’t showing a ‘story’


Elite Sound Entertainment offers 2-6 plasma displays for your reception (depending on the size of your room). Our plasmas also showcase our photographers candids pictures that he takes during your reception. You can even display all the pics your guests take on social media with your custom hashtag!



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