Other Enhancements

C02 Blasters

Create an eye opening grand entrance by placing our C02 cannons on each side of your doorway as your enter your wedding reception! We then blast them off when its time to party it up and watch your crowd take it to the next level! Available as hand held guns as well!


L.O.V.E. Marquee

Awesome and timeless look to your wedding day! 3 foot marquee can be placed in front of your head table, DJ booth, or anywhere you like!

LED Robot

The newest “Wow factor” is the LED Robot. This giant LED robot stands 10 feet tall is the most innovative walkabout entertainment for weddings today. The party will certainly crank up a few notches when our LED friend comes to party!

Instagram Printing Station

Now you can print your Instagram pictures instantly from the event! Simply post a pic on your Instagram, use the custom hashtag that you provide for your event, and you’re guests can use this station to print out that picture instantly!

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