Music Variety is Key to a Successful Wedding

Music Variety is Key to a Successful Wedding

This past weekend I had the opportunity to DJ the reception for Deirdre & Larry’s wedding.  It was a truly amazing celebration filled with lots of dancing and singing.  They were an extremely fun couple who truly cared about the music and their guests dancing.  After the reception was over, I couldn’t help but look back at the variety of music that I played during their reception.  They had just over 150 guests and it was obvious from the first dance set that their guests enjoyed all different genres of music.  As an experienced “open format” DJ, these are the types of parties that I always hope for. Deirdre, Larry, and there guests loved everything from classic rock hits to current top 40.  Some of their favorite rock artists were Van Halen, The Ramantics, and Bruce Springsteen and we even worked some classic Sinatra and Dean Martin in during cocktail hour and dinner.  Their grand entrance song was Beyonce, Crazy in Love which led right into their first dance to the song Let My Love Open The Door, by Pete Towshend.  Not your typical first dance song but it went over very well.  It was upbeat and fun, and most importantly the bride and groom loved it.  The rest of the night was a lot of fun as I was able to play through many different genres of music.  From my experience, music variety is very important at any wedding and it clearly worked very well at Deirdre & Larry’s wedding.  Some of the other genres played throughout the night included Motown, Disco-Funk, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Pop, and current Top 40.

We always talk about the importance of hiring a DJ that has great music knowledge and a unique ability to read every crowd.  Deirdre & Larry’s wedding was a perfect example of this, and it was a recipe for another successful Elite Sound Entertainment wedding.  Congratulations to both Deirdre and Larry, and thank you for choosing Elite Sound Entertainment!




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