Interactive Social Media

Photo Booth Social Media Upload

A new trendy addition to our photo booths is our Social Media Upload Kiosk! After your guests take their pictures in our photo booth, they then go to our Social Media Kiosk and upload their Photo Booth pics onto their Facebook/Twitter/Instagram page, text or email it to anyone instantly using our Wi-Fi coverage.

Real Time Instagram Slide Show

Now all your guests can be your photographer for the night! Nowadays, everyone is taking pictures on their phones at events. With our new Real Time Slide Show, guests post pics on their personal instagram using your custom hashtag. Within moments, sometimes seconds, all the pictures get posted live to our plasma displays real time all throughout your event! (Yes we do sensor out any inappropriate pics!) Plus, by having your guests use your custom hashtag, you are assured of having access to ALL pictures taken by your guests on your wedding day!

Instagram Printing Station

Now you can print your Instagram pictures instantly from the event! Simply post a pic on your Instagram, use the custom hashtag that you provide for your event, and you’re guests can use this station to print out that picture instantly!

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