Instagram at your wedding?

Instagram at your wedding?

Nowadays, social media is exploding throughout every demographic, and this is a key factor causing the smartphone to quickly become “the gift, and the curse.” The gift, because someone’s entire ‘life’ can conveniently be stored in a simple iPhone or Android. The curse, because people rarely ever stop looking at their phones.. And yes, unfortunately, even during your wedding, your friends and family will most likely be checking their phones as well. So why not incorporate one of the most popular used smartphone apps, Instagram, into your wedding? I mean, if people are going to constantly be taking and posting pictures from YOUR special day, why not take it to the next level and let EVERYONE enjoy the fun? Elite Sound is always looking to stay on top when it comes to innovation, and our “Real Time Slideshow” is quickly becoming a huge hit! As you know, every wedding these days has a custom #hashtag meant for social media, and that’s all we require to initiate your “slideshow.” As your friends and family upload a picture with your custom #hashtag, that picture (or video) will instantly be displayed on our HD screens for everyone to enjoy. Ask about it today!


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