Your First Dance, We’ve got it covered!

Your First Dance, We’ve got it covered!

When meeting with new clients I like to ask if they have any stories (good or bad) from weddings they been to recently. By asking this I begin to find out some of the concerns or questions they may have when it comes to their DJ. To my surprise I have been hearing a lot of horror stories about how “the music shut off during the first dance” or “there was no music for like 20 minutes”. This leads me to believe that there were no backup equipment systems in place by that DJ as there should be.

Now obviously you can’t control everything, sometimes technology has a mind of it’s own and malfunctions but as professionals it is our responsibility to be prepared in case these unfortunate incidents occur.

So, How do we prepare for the unforeseen?

Quality equipment, and redundant back up systems. At our company the service isn’t the only thing that is Elite, the caliber of equipment we use can be equally described by the same adjective.

After hearing these stories I like to give the bride a little piece of mind by letting her in on some of the things we do behind the scenes to ensure flawless productions. One being a redundant system of media players to make sure that first dance you’ve always dreamed of goes just as planned. What I mean by this is that when playing your first dance I am not just playing one copy of the song. I am actually playing between 2 and 3 copies all at the same time with only one being audible. This way if one were to malfunction I could easily switch to another channel before anyone knew that anything was wrong.

So have no fear Elite Sound brides, we’ve got you and your first dance covered… again and again and again.

-DJ Steve Minichini


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