Don’t see DJ’s on a DJ website? BEWARE!

Don’t see DJ’s on a DJ website? BEWARE!

We understand how difficult it is to find that perfect DJ for your big day. After all, there must be 50 companies that claim to be “NJ’s Best Wedding DJ”. However 1 very distinctive and initial way to delete some off your list is by inspecting their websites. If the DJ company does NOT feature extensive pictures and videos along with the obvious bio of each of their DJ’s, click off the website! Chances are this company sub contracts DJ’s from many resources and they are not solely employed by this DJ company. This makes this company a “booking agency” not a true DJ company.

You’re going to love the price they offer but the problem is, you’re going to have no idea who your DJ is. Theres a good chance you won’t meet your DJ until they figure out who your DJ will be. This usually happens on the day of your wedding. Best case scenario, you’ll meet him a week before your wedding, but probably not sooner. How will you know your DJ is the perfect fit for you if you don’t meet him before your wedding day?

At Elite Sound Entertainment, we employ DJ’s, MC’s and production assistants that only work for Elite Sound Entertainment. Our website features tons of pictures, video’s, bride/groom testimonials and bio’s of everyone on our staff. You know who your DJ will be whenever you like! Big difference!
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