DJ Jay G Celebrates with Jen & Kul at the Rock Island Lake Club!

DJ Jay G Celebrates with Jen & Kul at the Rock Island Lake Club!

On March 8th, 2015 DJ Jay G was honored to celebrate with newlyweds Jen & Kul at the beautiful Rock Island Lake Club in Sparta NJ! This venue is spectacular, and newly renovated with three levels plus two outdoor balconies overlooking the lake! The owners Perry and Michelle are truly a pleasure to work with!

When I sat down with Jen & Kul for their final appointment a few days before the wedding, they explained that this wedding might be a little different than what I may have been used to, mainly because of the different backgrounds of both families. The beautiful bride, Jen, along with her family were more into the traditional American style of music such as classic rock, motown & top 40 whereas the groom Kul, was of Indian descent. The style of music his family loves to dance to is called Bhangra, which is a genre of Punjabi music. Needless to say, the power of music took over, and it was truly an incredible sight to see both families come together and have a blast while dancing to ALL types of music! The bride and groom had an absolute blast, and were very pleased with how the night went!




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