Does your DJ actually “DJ”!?

Does your DJ actually “DJ”!?
Nowadays with so many DJ companies its really important to understand the role of the person you book for your wedding day. Music is obviously the most important ingredient for your wedding day (at least we think!). So the DJ is THE most important individual when booking with your DJ company. With that said, the MC still plays a very vital part of your night but the music is the centerpiece of the night. I can't stress how important it is for you to know who your DJ is, and meet with him numerous times before your wedding day. Amazingly, some companies "push" the MC more than the DJ. Even more ironic, some owners of DJ companies aren't even a DJ, they are MC's with no ability to DJ (how does an owner of a  DJ company not know how to DJ!?). They sell themselves for your wedding day and bring one of their DJ's who you will be lucky to even meet before the biggest day of your life. I like to call these guys "button pressers". They simply play off dummy playlists and play these same exact songs at every wedding. Think having the top 10 Motown songs, top 10 Ninety songs, etc on your laptop. Rest assured, Elite Sound Entertainment are DJ's, even the owner!  The DJ is your star. Its all about the music, and we're not talking the same ol' played-out wedding music!! Our MC's do provide the perfect amount of energy on the mic, but the music is the key. With Elite Sound Entertainment we are all DJ's. You meet us up front, and throughout your wedding planning. Remember, its all about the DJ! Johnny Budz - CEO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


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