Determining the music for your wedding day

Determining the music for your wedding day

Starting to plan the music for your wedding day? Usually there are 3 types of situations when it comes to deciding the music for your wedding day:

Option 1 – “The Over Planner”

In this scenario, the bride & groom create a request list of 80 songs along with 20 songs to NOT play. This is OVER PLANNING and you are basically tying your DJ’s hands behind his back. You hired Elite Sound Entertainment because you trust he knows what to play, and when to play it, while keeping ALL your guests in mind. If you hand him 50 songs he must play, he is not able to read your crowd, and you should basically just use an iPod for your wedding. We actually have a limit of 20 songs to request on our planner which we feel is MORE than enough to customize the music for your taste, while still allowing your DJ to still read the crowd.

Option 2 – “Umm I don’t care what you play”

Initially you would think this is a good thing. In this situation, the DJ has full authority to play what he wants. However, it may not work in the DJ’s favor sometimes. It does help to have some idea of the musical taste of you and your guests. Maybe you have a good amount of guests flying from Italy for your wedding and they will really appreciate a good ol’ Italian set. Maybe you’ll have the majority of your guests under the age of 50 so “oldies” won’t be necessary. Adding some input in the music your DJ plays will really help him setup a game plan, so he’s not going in ‘blindfolded’.

Option 3 – “We’ll have some requests, but we want the DJ to do his thing”

packedThis option is the approach of 90% of our clients take. Include 10-15 requests so he has an idea of what you’ll want, but allow plenty of room for him to do what he does best: Read the crowd and rock the party!

Elite Sound Entertainment has an online wedding planner that you can access throughout your wedding process. Part of this planner is a Music Request form. Here you can add song titles, artists, and genres of music you’ll like played on your wedding day. You’ll also be able to create a “Do Not Play” list of music/artists/genres you won’t want. You’ll meet specifically with your DJ before your big day to go over all the music, so you’ll both guaranteed to be on the same page!

So enjoy working on your music planning, but please, don’t overdue it! You’ll thank us later, we promise!

DJ Johnny BudzPresident, Elite Sound Entertainment


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