Beware of bottom feeder DJs

Beware of bottom feeder DJs

The entertainment that you choose for your once in a lifetime event can either make or break your reception.  When your wedding is all said and done…what your guests are going to remember is the DJ.   Did they enjoy the music played that night?   Did they dance?  Was the volume too loud?

There are more choices in DJ entertainment now than there was 15 years ago and with the evolution of internet & social media,  bad and good news can travel much further than word of mouth .

Question: What is a “Bottom Feeder” DJ?unnamed-3

Answer:     Bottom feeder DJ’s offer an “amazing price”   But chances are it is someone who offers low end sound equipment with poor presentation , a very limited music library and worst of all “minimal experience”   These  key factors can be a recipe for disaster.

Elite Sound Entertainment offers custom setups that will not only wow your guests  but will make sure that we have a top notch sound system that is specifically tailored to the dimensions your room.   An immensely large music library (along with your important songs chosen from the bride & groom) to top it off with  our DJ/MC’s  with a minimum of at least 15 years in the wedding industry. Not communions, kids parties, or your pool party DJ at your local swim club but handling weddings!


Back up

Bottom feeder DJs can’t afford a back up system, so hopefully they wont run into a problem with there equipment, mic, speaker etc. otherwise you may be out of luck and no sound for the rest of the evening.

Unfortunately in this industry of weddings, we only get the chance to get this right ONCE.   Can you imagine the look of your guests if a malfunction occurred and the DJ cannot finish the night leaving you with  dead silence for the rest of the evening?

Elite Sound Entertainment offers 2 different forms of backup (sound system, microphones, music format, MP3’s) in addition to what we will be providing as our main system so in the event if a problem occurs (more common than you would think) chances are you wouldn’t even know the difference if there was one.




Make sure you do your homework before choosing the right DJ for your wedding based on the following key ingredients.   Not on just the best price offered.

  • How many years of experience does the DJ have?
  • Do they carry backup equipment?
  • Can you have access to see there feedback from past Bride & Grooms?
  • Is the DJ familiar with the venue you are having your wedding at?

Best of luck with all your wedding plans!

Danny Gee – DJ

Elite Sound Entertainment


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