Beware of $600 Photo Booths for your wedding!

Beware of $600 Photo Booths for your wedding!

The differences between a $600 Photo Booth rental and the Elite Sound Photo Booth Lounge are monumental. Do your homework before trying to save a few bucks on something that can backfire on your biggest night of your life.

The photo booth is today’s most popular addition for a wedding reception. Its fun, entertaining and creates keepsakes and memories. It’s so popular, the New Jersey market is getting flooded with companies offering photo booths. To gain business lot’s of company’s low ball the price. However, just like every other service, there is a reason 1 company charges $600 and another charges $1200. It’s very important you do your homework and understand these differences; after all, this is the biggest night of your life! There are 3 main differences between photo booths – Packages, Backup & Appearance:



$600 Photo Booth offers an amazing price for a photo booth. But chances are it comes with nothing. No scrap book, a few pre-used props, no social media upload. More importantly, it may be for only 3 hours. Imagine them packing it up in the middle of your wedding reception when you have 1 hour left to go! PLUS, the last hour is the when your guests use the booth the most!

Elite Sound Entertainment offers 1 package – The Photo Booth Package! Fully loaded! It includes all the popular, necessary features we don’t think should be options, but automatically included. Your scrap book that is totally completed at the end of the night, huge selection of props, 4 hours, unlimited pictures, social media upload, and a fun loving attendant. EVERYTHING!



$600 Photo Booth can’t afford to have a backup computer, paper, ink, touch screen and transportation if they are only charging $600. So hopefully they don’t run out of paper at your event, because they may have to shut your booth down!

Elite Sound Entertainment is fully backed up with everything necessary for your photo booth, including a backup computer inside the photo booth! If anything goes wrong, we are prepared and your guests will keep having a blast!



Chances are a $600 Photo Booth is very tiny (Max of 2 guests) or ‘home made’. Your venue may not allow certain photo booths in their venue because it’s an eye sore to their room. Or perhaps it’s so small, only 2 people can fit in it at the same time. That’s no fun! Imagine one of these contraptions in your elegant gorgeous reception room:

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Elite Sound Entertainment’s photo booths are elegant, available in multiple colors and includes every new trendy option available. There’s always an attendant on hand and it fit up to 12 guests at the same time. Now that’s fun!













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