1000 Reviews!

1000 Reviews!

I am so proud to announce that we have received our 1000th perfect review on WeddingWire.com!

When I started this company back in 2002, I was a DJ on WKTU 103.5 and knew nothing about DJ’ing a wedding. After all, I was a DJ in night clubs 5 nights a week and a DJ on the worlds biggest dance radio station as well as being on SiriusXM BPM. When I decided to start up the business, I was poised to create something different for the handful of radio/club fans that wanted me to DJ their wedding. At the time, almost all wedding DJ’s were playing Electric Slide and YMCA at weddings. I refused to be one of those guys. My club DJ buddies thought I was insane. Why would I want to hurt my reputation and do weddings? Well, guess what most of those guys are now doing on Saturday nights these days? WeddingWire Rated 1000 reviews

Before I knew it, the handful of clients grew, and the phone/emails exploded. I figured “I think I need to get an office or something” and I did. The one aspect of having a successful business that I underestimated was having talented, creative, dedicated people working for you. Early on, it wasn’t easy. Sure I knew a hundred DJ’s, but not many were “that fit”. Slowly I began putting together what I honestly believe is the most talented DJ/MC/Production roster around and we started creating magic every weekend. What kept my drive going was we weren’t doing what most other wedding DJ’s were. No blow up air guitars EVER in the 5000 weddings we’ve done. No chicken dance. Just good music, programmed the right way, with amazing production. Sure plenty of DJ’s these days don’t do YMCA or blow up giveaways, but not many weren’t doing it in the early 2000’s.

I also never ever thought the company would become what it is today. Having 2 full time offices, a staff of 25 amazing people. Having 5, 10, 15 weddings in 1 weekend. Having 1000 people write a perfect review on this side gig I started 14 years ago. Thank you to ALL our clients throughout the years and for those who took the time to write such kind words about us. I can’t wait to celebrate 2000 reviews!

Johnny Budz – CEO


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